Numb Bills Fan Podcast | Fireballs of Raw Thought on the Buffalo Bills

A Blazing Fire Storm Covering the Buffalo Bills, with a raw- comical- philosophical approach, tactically going where the main stream refuses.

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  Everyone is happy at this time of year if you're an NFL fan; new draft picks- new hope towards a championship. The Buffalo Bills drafted at a bunch of positions, fans were hoping they'd address. Ben...
May 3, 2022
Greg Tompsett from  joins David Palermo to talk the Salary cap and going into the future. The NFL Draft is around the corner and with the busy Brandon Beane offseason, the General Manager h...
April 18, 2022
The Buffalo Bills keep making Bills fans emotionally tear up. Stephon Diggs resigned with the team for 4 years 70 million guaranteed. Brandon Beane has shown great plays with Monopoly money. Josh Alle...
April 10, 2022
Ben Grimaudo and David Palermo have another session of Brandon Beane Offseason Love, you know the General Manager of The Buffalo Bills. Von Miller has been catching the headlines for the mainstream bu...
March 24, 2022

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