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 With Super Bowl LII the next evening, Kevin Massare from Locked On Bills Podcast and host David Palermo talk where they sit with Tyrod Taylor. What will the Bills do with the offensive line, will Ry...
February 4, 2018
 It's been a while, so why not kick off a podcast with Kevin Massare from Locked On Bills Podcast. With the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl yet again, can the Philadelphia Eagles knock around ...
February 1, 2018
BREAKING NEWS, the Buffalo Bills have hired former Alabama Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll to be their new offensive coordinator. With ties to Head Coach Sean Mcdermott, its almost a no brainer. Br...
January 15, 2018
  Seemingly since about week five, the Buffalo Bills fans have been calling into question Rick Dennsion as the teams offensive coordinator. Slowly but surely the end came as Bills Head Coach Sean McD...
January 15, 2018

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