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The Denver Broncos come to Buffalo to square off against the Buffalo Bills for week three. As always, there's panic in the streets for a quarterback change, an offensive coordinator change or whatever...
September 23, 2017
Tim Avery sits down with David Palermo reviewing the Buffalo Bills first loss versus the Carolina Panthers. "James from Indy" called in with his perspective from Carolina. The call went surprisingl...
September 19, 2017
Greg from Rochester Ny has called into many Buffalo and Rochester radio shows, sharing some of the brightest takes on Buffalo Bills football. Ironically, Greg is an old wrestling teammate and friend ...
September 16, 2017
Kevin Massare from joined to review the Buffalo Bills Victory over the New York Jets, Coach McDermott trusted the process to a victory in his first debut as a head coach. Bills fans seem ...
September 13, 2017

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